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When a Blimpy joins the company along with others who join at the same time (referred to as one batch), they first go through a mandatory 9-week training program, the Foundational Track. During this learning stage, Blimpies learn company-relevant skills that they will apply, such as leadership, marketing, budgeting and communication.
Our curriculum is designed, processed and taught by
the Blimpies themselves, with guidance from our qualified coaches, personal experiences, and outsourced material. However, our curriculum is constantly evolving and adapting for new batches to ensure the most optimal learning experience.

Each session's teachers and hosts are the
graduated Blimpies themselves. This provides a chance for each Blimpy to put their knowledge and skills into practice by re-sharing it to others, as per our motto “Docendo Discimus”, which means

"by teaching, we learn."

Docendo Discimus,

Our Motto:

By Teaching, We Learn

Nearing the end of the Foundational Track, Blimpies are assigned a final assessment project called the Capstone Project. In this project, their batch will make a product, either digital or physical, that incorporates the skills taught and absorbed in Foundational. Not only does this measure the practical skills absorbed by the Blimpies’ and inevitably teach them teamwork, this Capstone Project is also the Blimpies’ chance to produce something community-impacting, aligning with the Blimp vision of creating social impact. 


After the Capstone Project, the Blimpy officially graduates, fully integrated into the company and earning a salary. From this point on, they will be using the skills and preparations the Foundational Track has equipped them with in real-life Blimp projects and partnerships

Leadership is highly valued and appreciated in Blimp Academy, and is one of the core principles we establish at Blimp. Throughout every single track, no matter what the subject or topic is, we always incorporate leadership principles that we refer as "Blimprinciples" such as:





Each Blimpy is given a profile page or a resume with space for those leadership principles. Anytime throughout their time at Blimp Academy, when they feel they embody or act out one of those principles, they can go to their page and type in their situation, and what they did as a leader facing it. 

Afterward, they can discuss with their teammates and fill out a survey about how exactly they acted out on the principle, and have a chance of winning a special badge, and a cash prize for it! This system helps to encourage us to get an "A grade" for each and every principle, passively and actively.

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