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It can be daunting to work a real job and take on its responsibilities. Thus, Blimp Academy places a strong emphasis on its community aspect, fostering a constructive and uplifting atmosphere. We have become a safe space where people can make mistakes and be encouraged, and in the learning process: HAVE A LOT OF FUN! 

This dynamic is regularly maintained through steady communication. We utilize many chatting platforms to stay in touch and casually converse, even outside of work subjects. We call regularly, enriching familiarity and teamwork. 

Additionally, we have a variety of events planned and hosted by our internal team for all Blimpies & Coaches. Once a month, a "Blimp Party" is held, a time to have fun and lay back after hard work. Bi-monthly, we also coordinate field trips, whether it be to fun places or to educational places.

Check out some of our past activities below!