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The learning process never stops, even after graduation.

Each Blimpy has their own substantial role in the company, determined by particular skills they demonstrate during Foundational Track. As a fully responsible, salary-earning employee, their contributions directly affect the progress of the team and company as a whole. Blimp has two types of work: internal and external.​

Levitating Objects


KOAs and Role Distribution

Internal Blimp work consists of managing a certain aspect of the company (ie. marketing, or finance). Along with a specialized team, each Blimpy will automatically learn a lot about company processes and strategies regarding their work. 


Commissioning Services

External Blimp work relates to the partnerships, projects and commissions Blimp receives. This is the golden opportunity for a Blimpy to have real-work exposure from a young age (and increase the length of their CV). 

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