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Through referrals and methods of awareness-spreading, Blimp Academy has had the privilege of working with other organizations or companies such as data startups, social enterprises, education consultancy services, as well as the world’s leading provider of cloud -computing platforms and APIs.


For each project or commission, a specialized team is selected by Blimp Academy from the qualified Blimpies, and approved by the client. We have mostly done commissions related to graphic design and content organization, but are open to other types of work.

Please contact us to confirm whether we are able and available to complete your commission. 


Commissions / projects / partnerships are proposed (at any time). Reach out to us with the commission details.


A contract will be drawn up, negotiated and signed by both parties for legal reasons.


The first draft of the commission is completed and sent for feedback and suggestions from the client.


BA is open to direct communication and request of multiple drafts from our team. We will continuously edit the draft until it is to the client’s satisfaction and the final draft is officially completed.

Our Commissioning Process

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